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"I'm not saying they shouldn't remember the good. But there is that and then there is changing someone."

'Good' (working title) is an exploration of the complexity of grief and what it truly means to remember someone we love - the good and the bad. Currently still in development, a segment of the short was recorded as part of Charly's final showcase at East 15 and can be found below. This extract stars Charly Faye as Jo and Ell Thompson as Jamie. 

'Good' portrait.jpg


After Cassie's passing Jo is going through the heartbreaking process of grieving a loved one. The problem is, so is everybody else. When Jo's vision of Cassie doesn't aline with their fellow friends' and family's they fight to have her remembered for who she was. But how can you fight for a person's character when they are just a memory? 


Grief is a universal experience, felt by all despite gender, ethnicity, class or background. Because of this Charly chose to write her two main characters, Jo and Jamie, without gender or other identifying factors. They can be played by anyone. 



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