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Here you can stay up to date with the latest news from Charly Faye; including her latest castings, creations and collaborations.  

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Tybalt takes to the stage!

Cocktails, dancing and disco balls!  Showing at the Etcetera Theatre Monday 12th of June and Monday19th of June, the R&D performance of Rosalie and Juliet has it's opening night alongside Midsummer Night's Dream. A queer adaption of Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet, the production is directed by Lorna McCoid and produced by Laura Plumley.

In Rehearsals: Shakesqueer


Charly starts rehearsals for Shakesqueer: an evening of queer modern interpretations of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and ‘Rosalie and Juliet’. will be playing Tilda, aka Tybalt.Presented by Little Attic Productions, the production will be showing at the Etcetera Theatre on the 12th and 19th of June.

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BFI and Cannes Premiere!

CopyCat, a short film in collaboration with Channel 4 as part of the Straight 8 competition has been chosen as one of the top 8 films. It will be premiering first at Cannes on the 22nd of May and then at BFI on the 27th of may (6pm). The Premiere will be the first time any of the filmmakers would have seen their creation! 


Straight 8: Channel 4

Charly has wrapped on a new short film in collaboration with Channel 4 as part of the Straight 8 competition. With a haunting storyline and one one take to capture each shot, this was a new challenge with a fun result. 



Tiny Babies Opens

When Sophie's partner comes to dinner, Rona needs to make a call: allow her sister the life she’s always wanted, or unearth a family secret, long-hidden before the two were even whispers of people. Tiny Babies opens at The Blue Elephant Theatre, featuring Charly Faye as Rona. 


Tiny Babies Rehearsals

Charly begins rehearsals for a new play alongside her sister, Robyn. Tiny Babies is a raw and unflinching dark comedy, exploring inherited trauma in bodies that weren’t there, but still feel it. This piece of new writing will be performed at The Blue Elephant Theatre on the 24th and 25th February: Tickets available HERE. 



West London Playwrights Group

Charly joins the Bush Theatre's West London Playwrights Group 2023 cohort along side some incredible writers. Through the guidance of Emma Dennis-Edwards (Consent Channel 4, Funeral Flowers Edinburgh Fringe 2018 and Champion BBC) and the Bush's fabulous literacy team Charly will be writing her first full length play titled Going To Graceland. 


'It's Me and LV

LV release their "It's me and LV" commercial just in time for Boxing Day! Showing family comes first for this car insurance company. This advert features Charly alongside her sister, Robyn Faye. 

Available to watch across UK TV networks.



Birdsong Goes Live

A short film featuring Charly Faye alongside her sister, Robyn Faye; Birdsong can be watched online for a limited time ahead of its live screenings across the UK.

Available to watch until 2023 HERE.


Birdsong Teaser Trailer

"Following the death of their mother, one sister tries to convince the other that she isn't really long.:

The short film features Charly and Robyn Faye and is currently being submitted to film festivals. The new teaser trailer is now available HERE.

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LV Commercial

Charly begins filming for a new TV commercial for the insurance company LV. Working alongside her sister, Robyn Faye, the pair play pesky teenagers sitting down for a family breakfast.

Due to be released later this year. 


Herbal Essence

Charly travels to York to film an internal video for the hair care brand Herbal Essence, focusing on a new product which will be released next year. 

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Strangers Is Released

The band Bring Me The Horizon have released their new music video for Strangers featuring Charly and Robyn Faye playing a visual representation of self destruction. The video hit a million views within a day of its release. 

Available to watch HERE.


Filming Begins For Birdsong

Birdsong, directed by Liam Beasley, is a short film featuring Charly and Robyn Faye. Charly plays Lucy; the younger of two sisters struggling with the death of their mother. 

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Filming Begins For Strangers: BMTH

A new music video for Bring Me The Horizon will showcase Charly and Robyn Faye as featured actors; due to be released in a couple of months. 


Hi-Fidelity: Lava La Rue

Hi-Fidelity is the new single from upcoming queer artist LAVA LA RUE. Charly, alongside her sister Robyn, performed in the official music video as the bartenders of an underground club called The Globe. 

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R&D: Something Cotton

Written and soon to be directed by Hollye Swinehart, Charly took part in a Reading and Development session for the short film Something Cotton which is due to film in August. Charly workshopped the role of Anne, a southern American woman whose antagonistic nature is causing friction with her daughter. 

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