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"You're my sister. It'd be really nice if I didn't have to feel like this with you."

A Room of Her Own gained it's titled from Virginia Woolf's famous essay 'A Room Of One's Own' and is the product of a collaboration filled to the brim with passion between Charly Faye and Lara Marks. The original concept for the short came to the pair during the 2020/21 pandemic and so was produced with little budget and a lot of creativity. Due to restrictions at the time of filming Charly and Lara filling all roles on set including cinematography, set design, makeup, writing, editing and of course acting. Their own makeshift equipment was also used. Inspired by many female creatives including Sofia Coppola and Celine Sciamma (both of which got a name sake in film) the duo consider this film to be an exploration of The Female Gaze. They are both passionate about creating films for women by women and this project is the start of what they are sure is a life long collaboration. Two draft films of A Room Of Her Own have already been produced but striving for perfection (and a budget/crew!) the two already have a 3rd re-write in the works.

The Soundtrack for A Room Of Her Own was provided by Samfire and With What Eyes.



Sofia and Celine are sisters. Although they live together they are often in completely different worlds. Having grown apart after the death of their mother, they are both too wrapped up in their own struggles and clashing lifestyles to see the the other is also suffering. They are forced to confront their differences after Celine's boyfriend sexually assaults the younger sister, Sofia. The traumatic event provokes fresh tensions they didn't know they had and reveals the resentment held for one another. However underneath all the built up emotion is a large amount of love. Through opening up and finally attempting to understand one another they ultimately re-spark their sisterhood. 

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As A Room Of Her Own is currently being re-developed the full film cannot be shown. However below you can find some extracts taken from the second draft of the film. 


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