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Flying Duo

How can you be lonely while surrounded by people? 

Flying Duo Written by Emma Brunet and directed by Robyn Faye, Flying Duo (working title) is a short film that follows two best friends finding their feet in the new and exciting city of London. Currently in Production, Charly will be head Producer of this short film while also starring as one of the two leads. 

Dancing in the Mist


We begin in the girls beat up, retro Gold Beetle Volkswagen 1973. It’s late afternoon. when the light is somber and flattering. They are eating fast food from two different franchises, whilst dressed in funky costumes. At no point do they look at each other, we don’t know why. But what they do do, is talk. What follows is an insight into Zoe and Lady, their thoughts, dreams, wishes and friendship. These are two girls who have dreamed of London, and now they are here they have got lost in the smoke. Pigeons are stupid, but they never get lonely. They never need to think. They follow the crown without knowing, which is sad. But Zoe and Lady follow the crowd knowingly and hate it. 

We follow the ups and downs of their conversation, they make us laugh whilst also showing their vulnerability. Eventually it must end, and they leave the car. They are unfashionably late to a party. As their host opens the door and greets them dressed as a pigeon, the girls cant help but break into fits of giggles. They are not so lonely in London if they are lonely together  

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