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Flying Duo

How can you be lonely while surrounded by people? 

Zoe and Lady are each other's closest friends. They are both outsiders. small fish in the big pond of the capital city. But most importantly, they are both dreamers. Lady has moved from France, away from her family and home to live her London dream and Zoe has done the same from her small hometown. They are both here together; Two tiny peas in a very big pond.



Sitting in Zoe's beat up, retro gold Beatle Volkswagen the two girls chomp on their fast food. At no point do they look at each other. We don't know why. They don't acknowledge their rather... interesting attire. We don't know why. But what they do do... is talk. About life, London and pigeons. These are two girls that have dreamed of coming to the city, but now they are here they have got lost in the smoke. Zoe and Lady must push through the loneliness they both feel, and perhaps in doing so realized that yes, they are lonely in London. But they are lonely together.

Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 14.14.44.png

Filming for Flying Do took place in March 2024 and is currently in post production. Charly,  alongside the writer Emma Brunet-Campain and director Robyn Faye, is currently fundraising for the project. If you would like to support her work any donations (no matter how small!) to the GoFundMe would be greatly appreciated. 

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