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Combining immersive theatre and an escape room experience.


Out With Art is an immersive theatre experience combined with a traditional escape room. Produced by Charly alongside her fellow creatives at 'Locked In Productions, it was Initially created as part of her BA course. The Show was later expanded to tour across multiple University campuses along side the group's second creation The Scientist. 


An anti-art organisation known as LOGIC. is kidnapping creatives and forcing then to use logic to escape their clutches. Join Cecilia Cargo and her activist group The Second Renaissance in fighting against these pesky rational thinkers. 

In order to free yourself from the room you will need a sharp mind, perseverance and the ability to stay calm. Are you up to the challenge?


Visitors are invited to a top secret Second Renaissance meeting by the group's founder Cecilia Cargo and her bubbly assistant Clementine. However upon arrival visitors are 'Kidnapped' by anti - art organization LOGIC. and brought to their logical escape room. With LOGIC. members trapped inside with them to try and throw the audience off the scent they must use rational thinking to solve the puzzles and escape.

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