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Scrub Me, Daddy

"I don't really understand what's going on" - Paul Ayers, father of the director, in reference to Scrub Me, Daddy. 

Scrub Me, Daddy follows a girl and her best friend; her loyal kitchen sponge. Together they embark on an adventure that is as mystical as it is unhinged.


The Process

Straight 8 began in London in 1999. it’s now a global filmmaking challenge every filmmaker should try…

The goal is to make a great film on just one roll of super 8mm,  with no re-takes,  no editing, no grade, no post-production at all. You make all your final visuals only with each pull of your camera's trigger, you even make your soundtrack ‘blind’ and Straight 8 line it up to the first frame of picture. The first time you see your own film is when the audience does, if it's strong enough to be selected. 

'Scrub Me, Daddy,' a short film written and directed by Robyn Faye and Starring Charly Faye has made the top 25 selection of the Straight 8 competition for 2024. The film will premiere on the biggest screen in the UK, BFI IMAX, on the 25th May alongside 24 other amazing films. 

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Posters and Stills

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